Protecting children, enabling outstanding outcomes

With unwavering support, every child can thrive

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Peaceful homes and steadfast care for vulnerable children

Highly trained in therapeutic services
Responsive and dedicated home care staff
Passionate about the potential of each child
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A warm bed and safe space are just the beginnning

In the mind of a child who’s experienced trauma, new environments can mean new threats.

One Home Care creates a sense of comfort by welcoming children into a peaceful home. Our homes are havens in which they can play, relax, and eventually, begin to heal.

We’re a team of carers – not a corporation. Discover how a tight-knit team of child advocates can give every child what they deserve: a bright, hopeful future.

Quality care & education recognised by leading authorities
the children's home association
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Brook House
Amber House
Mountain House

We invest in welcoming homes and generous carers. Our homes range from solo and dual homes to larger homes and assessment centres.

Our staff have a range of training and experience in recognising and managing EBD, LD, CSE, CCE, and trauma in children.

With extra homely touches – comfy couches and ample gardens – children can relax in the safety of our homes. 

They’re designed to foster the simplest, most wonderful outcome: for children to act like children.

Trained in the specialisms our children need

Our highly-trained team embraces children with holistic, wrap-around services.

Emotional and
Behavioural Disorders

Our staff are fully trained in the Emotional and Behavioural Disorders (EBD) that often affect children in care.

They’re ready to identify markers of EBD and guide children towards learning to manage them.


Unrecognised Learning Difficulties (LDs) can plague children into adulthood.

Our team is trained in supporting young people with LD to become active citizens and experience ‘normal’ life.

Child Sexual

The effects of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) are lasting and severe.

But with the right interventions, children who have experienced CSE can regain their sense of safety and security.

Child Criminal

Children who have experienced Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) need support and protection from adults they can trust.

Our team is trained to help exploited children begin to find coping strategies to keep themselves safe which will enable them to have their own childhood.


No matter the source, childhood trauma requires patience and persistence from calming, steady adults.

Our team is trained to work with and support our children through their trauma and its emotional, social, and mental health effects.

Discover how to
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Keep up with the latest news and reports on how best to support children in care.

Our Team

What did we see in the people driving care for our young people?

Success Stories

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When a child’s safety is compromised, a quick response is essential.

The One Home Care team is available day or night to welcome children into a safe home.

Needs assessment

We work with a specialised clinical team to carry out appropriate assessments which inform the best care we can provide for our young people.

Placement and support

We create safe spaces for the child in each of our homes

As we get to know the child, we discover the areas where they need support the most.

Where there’s a home

there’s hope

Protecting children, enabling outstanding outcomes.
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